In Graphic Design, doing it by hand still matters; it makes most designers uncomfortable and the process reveals a lot about the designer. The end result usually also encapsulates imperfections that become uniquely part of the work. 
As an industrial designer, I used my experience with 3D design and prototyping to create a graphic movie poster for the movie 'Interstellar'. 
The first step involved loading a pre-existing design in the open community to then modify the geometry for simplicity, scale and split to prepare for a successful 3D print. 
Printing and cleaning of the individual 3D parts to prepare for treatment
Processing of the part to prepare for photography and design. This involved intricate gluing, spray painting and painting smaller details to the features of the Endurance to achieve a realistic look.  
Using a simplistic painting to replicate the stars as a backdrop, photos were taken.  By playing with the lighting, the stars also complimented the model and accentuated the realism of the endurance. 

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